BBQ Grill Event Catering

High quality and professional BBQ Grill Catering. Steak, tuna, salmon, sausages plus delicious side dishes. From the salad through to the delicious sweet snack.

Pefekt for: #Messe, #Firmenveranstaltung #Sommerfest, # presentations, # weddings, birthday #, etc.

BBQ Grill Event Catering

Burger Grill Event catering

Beef, Pulled Pork, Veggie and Chicken with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and arugula salad, a homemade burger sauce that is our popular Burger

Perfect for: #Sommerfest, #Weihnachtsfeier, #Gartenparty, #Geburtstage, #Hochzeiten, # ABI-Ball

Burger Grill Event catering

Indoor Grill Event Catering

Indoor Grill BBQ ??? Yes, there are places such as exhibition halls or vessels where it is not allowed to barbecue with gas. Here we have the opportunity Indoor BBQ operate.

Perfect for: #Messe, #Promotion, #RoadShow, #Meeting or #Tagung, #Firmenevent

Indoor Grill Event Catering

Grill Event Equipment

Our BBQ Grill Catering, we offer the possibility of high tables, heaters, pavilions to book refrigerators

Pefekt for: #Firmenevent, #Hochzeiten, #Geburtstage, # TagderoffenenTür, #Sommerfest or #Weihnachtsfeier

Grill BBQ equipment

Event Catering & Marketing

Event Catering, Messe Catering, Promotion Catering

Event, Exhibition & Promotion Catering

Are you planning a big event? A wedding, corporate event (summer party or Christmas), or want to present yourself or your products, we deliver the goodies and ideas. We take care of the branding and support you locally.

Fair Event Cateing

Perfect Support
Organization and planning of your event

Planning an event and you need a catering. We provide you with ideas for catering and can recommend also tips and suggestions for your event.
Ask us or give us a call! Phone: +49 2241 8946201

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BBQ Burger Catering LogoBBQ Grill Catering

mobile BBQ Grill Catering for outdoor and indoor for private and corporate events

Who does not love the smell of freshly grilled? In our different grills we prepare all dishes freshly in front of your guests.

BBQ Grill Event Catering HummerCatering EventCatering Troisdorf Firmenevent Catering BBQ Kaffee Frühstück Buffet

BBQ Grill Catering Event

Veggie or meat is grilled everything simply delicious

Why not try our Grillfleischmix plus our delicious rosemary potatoes. All freshly prepared on the terrace, on the balcony or in the garden with you. We bring everything with and build a complete barbecue area with tables, different grills and cooking equipment on.

Perfect: among other for: Entertaining clients, company parties, summer party, garden party, anniversary, corporate events, Weddings



Burger BBQ Grill Catering EventBurger Catering - Sommerfest in den Rheinauen in Bonn

yummy yummy burger

Our Burger excite any of you tried. Every single ingredient is something special.

  • The buns - three different colors (black, red and gold) and all without artificial additives. Crispy vorgetoastet!
  • The sauce - Homemade Burgersoße slightly spicy, gives our Burger that extra something.
  • Der Salat – wir verzichten auf eingelegte Zutaten.  Bei uns kommen nur frische Sachen auf den Burger. Hierzu gehören Rucolasalat, frische Tomaten, frische Gurken und Möhren
  • Veggie, Chicken or Meat: Grilled vegetables Taler, Grilled Hänchenfillet or juicy beef all fresh from the grill
  • Cheese - a disc is part of every good burger

They get us well Pulled Beef or Pulled Pork Burger, The classic of the North American barbecues flavored with barbecue sauce and coleslaw salad. Simply delicious!

Perfect: among other for: Entertaining clients, company parties, summer party, garden party, anniversary, corporate events, Weddings



Indoor BBQ Grill Catering Hummer Event Messe Catering Köln. Mobile Cocktailbar und Fingerfood bei KPMIndoor BBQ Catering

Grill Catering without gas and without coal

It is not always possible to put a gas or coal. For example, in exhibition halls, event halls or on ships.

Wir bieten Ihnen die Möglichkeit lecker zubereitetes Grillfleisch und Burger auch ohne Gas und Kohle zu genießen. In diesen Lokationen grillen wir elektrisch und es schmeckt mindestens genauso gut. Event Barbecue der Extraklasse.

Credentials: among others at: Ocean Diva Futura and Ocean Diva original to Rhine in Flames and Cologne Lights


Grill Event Equipment HummerCatering #Eventcatering #Burger #Grill #BBQ #Catering #BergischGladbach #dessert

Grill Event Equipment

Gazebos, benches beer, refrigerators or refrigerated trucks

You still need the appropriate equipment for your barbecue, we supply everything from one source.

We offer: among others: Bierzelgarnituren, bar tables, refrigerators, refrigerated trucks, pavilions, slipcovers for beer benches, slipcovers for bar tables, glasses, cutlery, plates and much more


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