Beatcom Event Marketing - Lobster Cocktail Catering UG - Conditions


Our offers and price lists are not binding.

Your order

An order only comes into being when the offer signed, sent back to us and have received a confirmation email from us. If you have made changes to this offer, we will confirm at the same time the acknowledgment and recognition of your changes by the order confirmation.
You give us your signature a written and binding order, creating a contractual relationship between the company Beatcom Event Marketing - Hummer Cocktail Catering UG (limited) and the signatories of this offer comes about.
Since some time may pass between the preparation of the offer and order, every order must be confirmed by us. You will receive a written confirmation. Only after receipt of order confirmation (this can happen informally via email) a contract is to be concluded.


The client or his authorized representative shall be present when placing the order. If our property or services give cause for complaint, this has to be communicated directly and immediately the management to give the possibility of rectification. Later complaints can not be taken into account.

If electricity or water are needed, you will get performance data from technical devices or connections. Error on the client side (circuit breaker trips), are no reason for a lack.


The principal is liable for damage or loss for the provided equipment, caused by its agents, event participants or other third parties without proof. Loss or damaged equipment will be charged at cost price. Regulatory approvals are obtained from the organizer one. An official demolition of catering not entitled to a complaint or a discount. A possible withdrawal or rejection not entitled to discount or withdraw from the contract.

Delivery / Connections / Configuration / approvals

For all the necessary permits that are necessary to fulfill the order / contract, the customer must take before the event (Gema, GEZ, fully licensed, LImSchG, corkage, etc.) has. If we are prevented from fulfilling our mandate, due to lack of permits in whole or in part, the customer bears the liability and the additional costs incurred.
The customer provides (electricity, water, etc.) for a proper technical conditions. Should there be delays or failures by located on-site engineering, the customer bears the liability and the additional costs incurred. For specifications of equipment on offer or you can always ask!
The correct delivery to the customer can only take place properly if a front door of at least 1 meter wide and 2 meters high and a truck suitable access is available to 7.5 tons. More effort by further taxiways (more than 10 meters), as well as steps or stairs up to the fulfillment must be displayed. If not, the customer is liable. Additional costs incurred will be billed.

Delivery and times

The agreed delivery and performance dates are binding! Unless the company Beatcom Event Marketing - Hummer Cocktail Catering UG is prevented from fulfilling its obligations to unforeseen and exceptional circumstances or force majeure from fulfilling despite reasonable care. Included in the delivery price is the loading and unloading of vehicles (trucks, vans, cars) and the transfer of the order behind the first door (ground floor).

special agreement

Special arrangements must be confirmed in writing. Not confirmed in writing special arrangements are not binding.



We ask for your understanding! At the time of your catering all goods, personnel, transport and logistics and other necessary for your catering costs on our site are of our, already paid by us. A quick payment is therefore of existential importance for us.

Invoices are issued after each application within 5 working days. From order fulfillment, the agreed offer price is to be paid within 7 working days. More costs are included in the final invoice and must be paid within 7 days from date of invoice.

Private Veranstaltungen z.B. Geburtstage oder Weddings werden vor Cateringbeginn beim leitenden Cateringpersonal beglichen.  Zusatzkosten (wie vereinbarte mehr cocktails) Will be charged directly after the event.

Avoid extra cost!

If you or the company that keeping the date of payment is not possible due to technical processes. Please let us know in writing before the order confirmation. So that we find a solution together with you. (Eg a deposit)

Note account for the agreed special rates (discount and agency discount) if the payment is not met. Every four weeks of the invoice, we will provide 10% of the outstanding invoice buzzer charged. Add to this the current overdraft interest Commerzbank come (16.75% as of 04.2015) and legal processing fees (which can be for business customers € 40.00). The assertion of further damage is not excluded. → § 288 BGB

If you a payment of the invoice within 7 business days from date of invoice, not be possible to let us know handwritten on the offer with. With a total order volume from 2,000.00 € net, we require two weeks before the event, 80% of the net amount as payment in advance! You will receive an advance invoice from us.

The rent without further services

Invoices are issued after receipt of order. Payment must be before the first rental day be credited in full to our account. In exceptional cases, the invoice amount can be handed over in cash on the spot. Please inform us, this should be the case.

Cancel order:

The cancellation of orders is only possible in writing by mail, email or fax. Please inquire if we have received your cancellation and let yourself this document.
earlier than 28 days: 0%
21-28 days before order: 20%
14-21 days before contract: 50%.
less than 14 days prior to contract 90% of the contract value will be due.


As jurisdiction, Cologne is the extent permissible, agreed.

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