Event Catering & Marketing
miet Bar Equipment für Ihr Event

Event rental equipment

We rent Eventequipent: eg our Nespresso Gemini CS 220 Pro and our Astoria Plus4You coffee machines, bar tables, beer tent sets, Slusheismaschine, popcorn machines, refrigerators, dishwashing technology and much more

Event gastronomy equipment rental
Event Catering, Messe Catering, Promotion Catering

Event, Exhibition & Promotion Catering

They have a big event? A wedding, corporate event (summer party or Christmas), or want to present yourself or your products, we deliver the goodies and ideas. We take care of the branding and support you locally.

Fair Event Cateing

Perfect Support
Organization and planning of your event

Planning an event and you need a catering. We provide you with ideas for catering and can recommend also tips and suggestions for your event. Ask us!



mobile Cocktail Cocktail or mobile catering. Quality goods and modern designer bars combined with professional bartending.

Pefekt for: #Messe, #Firmenveranstaltung (#Sommerfest, #Weihnachtsfeier), # weddings, birthday #, # ABI-ball, etc.

mobile cocktail Catering


Healthy and fresh for the day.
Mobile Smoothiebar or in bottles, our smoothies are made fresh for each customer.

Perfect for: #Messe, #Promotion, #Road show #Businessevent, #Meeting or #Tagung

smoothie Catering

Coffee & Pastries

Coffee from one of our Nespresso Gemini CS 220 Pro machines or from our Astoria Puls4You portafilter. These freshly baked particles or sandwiches.

Perfect for: #Messe, #Promotion, #RoadShow, #Meeting or #Tagung, #Firmenevent

mobile Kaffeebar

Food & BBQ
Grilled Steak & Burger

BBQ, burgers, salads, dessert to freshly baked and sandwiches.

Pefekt for: #Firmenevent, #Hochzeiten, #Geburtstage, # TagderoffenenTür, #Sommerfest or #Weihnachtsfeier

BBQ Grill Catering

Fresh baked, fresh occupied

We bake täglisch fresh. Order your sandwiches with us. We are happy to customer requests and offer among others BIO produckte on.

Pefekt for: #Messe, #Firmenveranstaltung, #Seminare, #Meetings etc.

Freshly baked and freshly occupied

Slush ice / Granitor

Slush ice, daiquiris or frozzen yogurt.
We produce our own fillings from fresh fruits.

Perfect for: #Messe, #Promotion, #RoadShow, #Businessevent, #Meeting or #Tagung

Slush ice / Granitor


Coffee from one of our Nespresso Gemini CS 220 Pro machines or from our Astoria Puls4You portafilter. These freshly baked particles or sandwiches.

Perfect for: #Messe, #Promotion, #RoadShow, #Meeting or #Tagung, #Firmenevent

popcorn Catering

Order Nespresso per Pads

Order Nespresso pads for the Nespresso coffee machines Pro quickly and on a budget.

Pefekt for: #Firmenevent, #Messe, #Kongress

Nespresso Pro Pads

Hochzeit Catering ServiceWedding Catering Service

A special catering for a special day

Sie sind auf der Suche nach einem Hochzeitcatering Service, für den wichtigsten Tag in Ihrem Leben? Wir bieten Ihnen alles was Sie brauchen aus einer Hand inkl. Beratung!

You plan the most important day in your life and are looking for a suitable catering or wedding planner who will help you what belongs to a dream wedding help the venue, the catering, staff and everything? Then give us a call.

We do not offer menu and buffet on itself. but working together with catering partners from the region of Cologne, Bonn, Dusseldorf!

What we offer!

Hummer Catering offers first-class service! We support you from the beginning and are available with wheel and deed aside.

  • Consultation: We advise and plan together with you the processes
  • Location, DJ, band, technology: we see and hear a lot. Through our catering activity, we hear a lot of bands and DJs, see if you can inspire the audience, we are moving in many different location and know the professional technology companies that provide the right light and the right sound
  • Equipment: whether tables, tablecloths, plates and cutlery, refrigerators, bar tables, you do not think of everything. We will help you.
  • Champagne Reception: We welcome your guests with a smile and a glass of sparkling wine
  • Catering: Wenn es kein Grill Buffet sein soll, arbeiten wir mit einigen Catering Unternehmen zusammen, auf die wir uns zu 100% verlassen können. So wohl was die Professionalität als auch das Essen angeht.
  • drinks: Wein Gläser, Sekt Gläser, Wasser Gläser, Kölsch Gläser. Zerbrechen Sie sich nicht allein den Kopf. Wir helfen Ihnen bei der Auswahl und bei der Menge der Gläser und natürlich bei der Auswahl der drinks. Ob Wein, Sekt, Bier oder cocktails.
  • Hochzeit Catering kleine mobile Cocktailbarcocktails: whether our small mobile cocktail bar (see picture) or our large mobile cocktail bar. We have the right offer for every budget. We offer a wide selection of high quality spirits with which we tasty you cocktails conjure.
  • Midnight BBQ or burgers: if the wedding has reached its peak, most need strengthening again. Here we offer you our BBQ we catering to. Burgers, sausage and other goodies from the grill.
  • Kaffeebar, Kaffeemaschiene mieten, Kaffeestation oder Coffee Bbike: vergessen Sie nicht den Kaffee! Auf einer Hochzeit sollte auf keinen Fall der Kaffee fehlen. Hier bieten wir Ihnen die Kaffeebar mit professionellen Barista, der Ihnen ein Herzchen in Ihren Milchschaum zaubert oder einfach nur eine unserer Nespresso Gastro- Kaffeemaschinen als Kaffeestation zur selbst Bedienung oder für den Service.
  • For the small and big kids: Popcorn or slush ice! That always goes down well 🙂

Our recommendations:

  • Special Ruswedding: The charming singer and presenter Alina Pogosova accompany you at your wedding. In personal conversation, you get to know and plan the next steps together. Alina is the versatile! Both in classical and pop musical range you convinced by your great voice. She is a real bundle of energy that your guests overtaken by the chairs.
  • In the catering area, we work with a catering from Düren that Russian-speaking staff offering and can advise you in Russian. Wedding Catering Service

Wedding - Reportage, Wedding photo shoot or wedding photo shoot, we shoot these moving moments with reliable high quality, so you can also think later with joy of this day.

For more information visit the website of Photographer, photo shoot and photo studio in Cologne, Gerhard Zerbes

  • Hochzeit Catering Service Rösrath Köln Schloss Eulenbroich (3)

Also seen at a wedding, this great fruit buffet. The company that is behind this Celebration Dreams team from Düren. Two very nice ladies built up this buffet with a lot of effort and patience, it smelled and just looked delicious. There a lot of very, very hard to leave it alone, the we were there as a service provider.


Give us a call! 0179 950 30 76

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